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Moving Checklist

A major factor that causes stress with a home or office move is being insufficiently prepared in advance of the moving date.

At I Move London we take great pride in helping you prepare from the moment your move looks imminent. This means offering you professional assistance to plan well ahead, so that when the day arrives, most of the stress of moving home has already been minimised.

Below we offer you our free moving checklist, full of time saving tips to ensure everything you need to do ahead of the day is taken care of in good time.

Before you start getting your possessions together, gather your thoughts and use our planner to organise and facilitate everything else you need to do in advance of your move.

One month before your move:

  • Contact your telephone, broadband and cable TV suppliers to cancel your connections or installations at your old address and to set these up at your new home.
  • Set up any telephone diverts you may need
  • Inform the utility suppliers that you will be moving on a particular date and tell when you will be moving in to your new home.
  • Plan and book sufficient time off work
  • Contact your local authorities regarding council tax, and parking permits at both old and new addresses
  • Start sifting your belongings: it’s good to start three piles in each room, labelled: Keep, Throw out, and Store

Two weeks before your move:

  • Confirm dates with your moving company – by email or text (not just verbally) and ensure that this is conformed back to you in writing
  • Make a list of everyone who will need to know your change of address. As a tip, check all your incoming mail against this requirement
  • Contact Royal Mail regarding mail holding or forwarding
  • Moving is easier if young children and pets are not on the premises. Think about who might look after your children and pets on the day and book kennels/cattery if applicable
  • Start packing any items that you won’t need until after your moving day
  • Cancel regular deliveries such as milk, newspapers etc

One week before you move:

  • Confirm arrangements with utility companies
  • Arrange exchange of keys, and obtain those needed for your new accommodation
  • Prepare a map of your new location for your moving company, and any tradesmen
  • Decide which rooms will be which in your new home
  • Consider any possessions that you will need to put into store

The day before you move:

  • Seal and label packing boxes
  • Whenever possible, for easier accessibility, move boxes towards the loading point, for example into the garage
  • Pack a bag or box of emergency supplies
  • Defrost your fridge and freezer

On the day:

  • Disconnect any remaining gas or electrical appliances; pack and label connecting cables
  • Close and securely lock all doors and windows
  • Take final gas, electric and water meter readings
  • Do not forget to turn all lights off on the way out!
  • Prepare to account for arrivals at the destination

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